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The enterprise firewall is the cornerstone of an organizationís network security architecture, serving as the primary control mechanism between internal corporate assets, partners, customers and the Internet. In addition to protecting their perimeter from external threats, companies are now turning their attention internally to detect unusual behavior and defend against malicious activity. As part of our Security Infrastructure solutions Netflow technologies will assess your current environment to determine gaps in your security posture and plan, design, implement and support the optimal infrastructure solution incorporating firewalls, VPNs, intrusion prevention systems, remote access technologies and endpoint security.



A critical part of any companyís security strategy is identifying and monitoring current levels of risk and exposure and determining how best to respond to the growing number of threats. With the adoption of new technology and the rise in new forms of communication and remote network access, the level of exposure for companies continually increases. Many clients rely on Netflow technologiesís Vulnerability Assessment Services to analyze their environment for weaknesses as they strive to create a well managed, secure and optimized infrastructure. After assessing your security posture we work with you to develop a comprehensive management framework whereby new threats are monitored and prioritized, and design and implement the security solutions and policies that will enable you to respond to and mitigate these threats.
Protecting against unauthorized network access, establishing appropriate user access controls, and defending against password breaches, while providing a unified log-on experience are challenges for IT organizations as users wrestle with the proliferation of log-ins for systems, applications, portals and wireless clients. Netflow technologies’s integrated Identity and Access Management solutions incorporate authentication, access control and advanced management features – allowing you to effectively identify users, manage user accounts and control network access and privileges.
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