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Security is generally regarded as a cost, rather than a revenue generator. The return on investment is not readily apparent and is often difficult to quantify which generally causes a problem when it comes to budget allocation.

It is often necessary to look at the bigger picture for example, remote authentication enables employees to securely access the network away from the office therefore improving flexibility and in turn the effectiveness and profitability of the organisation.
It is necessary to authenticate the identity of users and computers, maintain an appropriate level of network service operations and optimal network performance.

There are four main security objectives:

  • Authentication - Proving identity to gain access
  • Integrity - Ensuring only authorised personnel can amend data.
  • Confidentiality - Restricting data access.
  • Non-repudiation - Decisive tracking of actions to a specific user.

Benefits of Security:

  • Increased productivity. Limit or eliminate access to non-critical resources addressing potential security issues and improving productivity.
  • Improved visibility and control. Know who is connecting to the network, how they are connected and what they are accessing.
  • Be pro-active. Stop security breaches before they happen or, at worst, quarantine attacks in order to minimise disruption.
  • Legislative compliance. Deploy security procedures and solutions to address the legalities associated with use of e-mail and the Internet.
  • Control and management. Set strategic levels of security ensuring that the right people have the right level of access at any one time, and have the ability to amend this instantly, for example when people leave the organisation.
  • Better use of IT resources. Monitor and manage spam and unauthorised web browsing ensuring adequate bandwidth for mission-critical applications.
  • Data protection. Control the flow and content of data in and out of the organisation protecting client, supplier and organisational confidentiality.
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